Glenn Hughes sang lead vocals on 17 tracks for the PHENOMENA project and all these tracks have been collected together on one PHENOMENA compilation named after the Hughes-co-penned track "Still The Night". PHENOMENA is an all-star series of albums created by Tom Galley, and this compilation also features Cozy Powell, Mel Galley, Neil Murray, Ric Sanders, Ted McKenna, Michael Sturgis and Richard Bailey. The tracks are collected together from the million-selling debut album, "Phenomena", as well as follow-up efforts "Dream Runner" and "Psycho Fantasy". As Galley recalls of Hughes's work with PHENOMENA: "It did him a lot of good. He got a lot of attention for the performance he did for us." This compilation also features final mixes of the rare tracks "Assassins In The Night", "Running With The Pack" and the 12-inch remix of "Still The Night". The CD housed in an attractive six-panel digipack with artwork by Iain Lowe. To coincide with this release, PHENOMENA has launched an official Facebook page. In a 2000 interview with Let It Rock, Hughes stated about the possibility of live shows with PHENOMENA: "I have never performed with PHENOMENA and never will, for personal reasons." In a 2003 online chat, he confirmed that he didn't get properly compensated for his work with PHENOMENA but didn't offer any other details. Photo credit: David Pickles

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